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Working Teams

Dog's Eye View
Cruisin' with Cricket
Life with Sargent Bilko
In the Center of the Roof
By My Side 
Egyptian Pawprints
Darrell's Guide Dog Adventure

Guide Dogs of America
Guide Dogs of America - Website
GDA - Derby
GDA - Drea - Breeder
GDA - Drop in Dogs
GDA - Dutch
GDA - A Journey on Four Legs, One Step at a Time - Fenix
GDA - Guide Dog Dustin
GDA - Guide Dog Hogan
GDA - Holly
GDA - Tonka
GDA - Truman
GDA - Joanna and Camry (private)
GDA - Kasey and Carley (private)
GDA - Matt, Amy, and Bronx
GDA - Paisley - Retired Breeder
GDA - Remington
GDA - A Puppy I Love - PR Sammy
GDA - Shylee
GDA - Nicole and Vito
GDA - Velvet - Breeder
GDA - Winnie - Breeder
GDA - Woody - Breeder

Guide Dogs for the Blind

Guide Dogs for the Blind - Website
Guide Dogs for the Blind - Blog
GDB - Guide Dog Puppy Adventures - Ryder
GDB - Labs, Licks, and Love - Janda
GDB - Guide Dog Puppy Raisers
GDB - Life with the Dogs - Frisbee
GDB - Ours for a Lifetime - Cabana
GDB - The Adventures of a Guide Dog Puppy - Faris and Fullerton
GDB - From Puppy to Guide Dog - Raelyn
GDB - Do Your Business - Cancun
GDB - Poppy's Poop Scoop - Poppy
GDB - Dagan's Dogma - Dagan
GDB - Amazing Puppy Raising Adventures - Payton 
GDB - A Day in the Life of a Puppy Raiser
GDB - Two Eyes, Four Paws
GDB - Everyone and Their Dogs - Monet
GDB - Partners In Crime
GDB - Tales of a Puppy In Training
GDB - Life with the Park City Dogs - Rafferty

Canine Companions for Independence

CCI - Carlo's Dog Blog
CCI - Adventures of a CCI Career Change Dog

The Seeing Eye

The Seeing Eye - Website
TSE - Brian's Seeing Eye Puppy Blog

Paws with a Cause

PAWS - Paws with a Cause

Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc.

Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc. - Website
GDFB - Pompei's Progress - Pompei

KSDS, Inc.


Other Service Dog Blogs
Guide Dogs of Texas - What About Bob?
Transportation Security Administration - Protecting Our Country, One Nose at a Time

Puppy Friends

The Brat Pack
The Zoo Crew
The Lab Brats
Lab Tails
Cookie and Crew
Forever Girls