April 03, 2007

December 9, 2006

I went to GDA Howliday party today. Every puppy in training brings an ornament for the tree in the dormitory. The big game of the day was the Candy Cane Game. We signed in with Jessica, one of the puppy department trainers, and she gave each of us three candy canes. We were to give these candy canes to any puppy that we saw that was behaving very well. I received three candy canes for just being so gosh darn cute, one from Laura in the puppy department, one from Jessica, and one from Fraser a black 14 month Lab. Tibet gave me one for sitting very nicely while all the other puppies were coming to sign in. Then the last four I received for doing a sit stay without Denise holding my leash for a photograph with Kamran. When Denise said OK I ran over to her then Koffee, Harley, Wissle, and another puppy, whose name escapes me, came up to us and gave us a candy cane for the perfect sit stay; I am only 12 weeks old and I already rock. At the end of the day we were asked to count the candy canes we received and I tied with an 18 month puppy for first place, we each got a travel sleeping bag blanket. Denise then took me over to see Santa so I could tell him what I wanted for Christmas, I also got a photo. After Santa it was time to go home so I said goodbye to all my friends and we went home. I had so much fun at the party I can’t wait to come back to GDA.

My friend Mary who came as Santa's Elf

and to get into the perfect pose ...

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