March 23, 2007

November 15, 2006

Denise’s and I went to Ventura for the Ventura GDA puppy raiser group’s November Meeting. We carpooled with Mary Lou and her GDA puppy, Wissel. SHHHH I sat in Mary Lou’s lap the whole forty-five minute ride to Ventura. We had dinner before the meeting with five other puppies then we all attended the meeting. At the meeting our raisers were switched between all us puppies. We learned with a new handler tonight. I was with my temporary new raiser, Daniel, who is going to get his first puppy next week, which he is going to name Maui. I was very good for the whole time. During the obedience section of the meeting me and two other youngest puppies did a sit and leave it while a little green piggy toy walked by us. Denise says she wished she had a camera because of my very comical expiration on my face. After the meeting I was passed around again so everyone could love on me, all the other puppies were very jealous.

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