April 16, 2007

February 3, 2007

We were very busy today. First we started the day with Denise sewing ten more collars to sell. Then at 9:45am we climbed into the car for a ride to GDA for the once a month Saturday class with Jessica. We arrived early so Sarah the Vet Tec. could see the selection of collars that Denise had made for her. At class I was traded again to another puppy raiser and Denise took her dog. Then we went two different directions on a walk around GDA campus. I was very good for Juliana “But I am always good”. We meet back up and did some sit stays and down stays then I was returned to Denise, but class was not over yet. Jessica had a team game to play for Super Bowl Weekend. The game started with a down or sit stay while our raisers separated valentine heart candy into our food bowls “Kerplunk, Kerplunk”, after that our raisers are given a glass of water were we heal over to a bowl were it is dropped into, and the last stop is to be the chairs where a down stay is required before someone can throw a football threw a hula-hoop. Our teams time was 2:01 but the winning team was 1:96 “oh well next time”. After class Denise took me to Splash Dogs for another bath. Wissel came with us also to get clean, I already had my bath but I tried to join in with Wissel. When we got home at 2:30pm Denise started sewing again, she is donating a bunch of her collars to GDA to sell at Graduation tomorrow. At 9:30pm we’re in the car again to go pick up Denise’s cousin, Nathan, from the Van Nuys FlyAway We have not seen Nathan for two and half months and he said that I have grown so much since he has seen me. “I don’t think I grew that much”. After dropping Nathan off, it was home again and finally to bed. “Boy did I have a big day”

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