April 11, 2007


December 25, 2006
When I got up this morning the tree that was put in the living room earlier this month had all these gifts with BOWS on then, when I tried to pull the BOWS off I was told to “leave it, Leave it, LEAVE IT” so I left them alone. I also went to Church for the first time Denise usually leaves me at home when she goes, I am thinking, she though that I am old enough to behave myself thru the service today. I got to say so myself; was very good, I only got antsy after the homily but Denise gave me a bone to chew on and I was content the rest of the service. We then went to Denise’s Grandparents house for Christmas breakfast, were I played with all of her Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins (they played pass the chocolate puppy and baby Jacob). I even dug a hole for grandpa by the pool! We left the Artner clan at 4pm to go pick up Denise’s other grandparents to take to our house for Christmas Dinner of Prime Rib, But again I only got Dog Food. We finally opened all those presents under the tree and there was a cute little Hum Bug toy from my Mom and Grandma and Grandpa in Santa Barbara. I also got a little piggy from Denise. I was very good all day, but I was still not allowed the BOWS though.

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