April 14, 2007

January 20, 2007

“Wow that was a lot of Girl Scouts”
Today we went to Chatsworth High for the Girl Scout Cookie Kickoff. There was over a thousand girl scouts starting from the Daisies all the way to Seniors. GDA had a booth and Denise & I went to represent GDA. Harley, Kylie, Livie, Elke, & Guide Dog Walden also came with their people. I was petted and petted. I though my fur was going to wear off. Denise had to take me away from the booth a couple of time to calm me down. I got so over excited that I started to bite kids even when I did not mean to. But I did have fun after the event. Denise, Andromeda and I went over to Harley’s house and I got to play with Harley, Walden, Diesel, Kaden, & Zolo. Harley and I played tug against Diesel and then wrestled and got dirty. Then Andromeda and I went to Splash Dogs to get all clean. “It was a good day.”

Guide Dog Walden & Puppy In Training Harley

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