September 04, 2007

August 29, 2007

Denise was so nerves this last week as I was to have my second evaluation. Denise dropped me off at GDA Monday morning telling me to do really well on Wed. when Jessica took my out for my eval. not to spook at the cars and to listen to Jessica. We went out early in the morning before the extreme heat of the day (110 degrees in Sylmar). I did very very well this time I did not drop when I saw the trucks or hide behind Jessica. My report says –

Walking in Unfamiliar area:
(People): good under control
(Other dogs) fine
(Animals – bird, squirrels, ect…) good
(Loud sounds): okay
(Traffic) seemed a bit uneasy but responded fairly well overall
(New handler): good
General Handling:
(Energy level): moderate
(Response to correction): required moderate corrections
(Behavior in establishments): good
(Overall stress): moderate
Dog responded well overall in new area with new handler. Dog was well mannered in all areas and easy to handle overall. She was a bit uneasy on busy street but still responded well to commands when given.
Continue to expose dog to new areas as she matures to help build her confidence. Keep up the good work! Thanks :)

Not at this time

So I did not do to bad this time around I
guess I am growing up. :)