September 04, 2007

September 1, 2007

Denise, Andromeda and I went up for the day to Flying Flags RV Resort Buellton, CA were the rest of the family was for the weekend. We did not have any of the Santa Barbara traffic when we drove thru at 9am in the morning, Denise says that she usually has a hour or more traffic delay here on Friday nights that’s why we left this morning instead. Denise has been coming camping to Flaying Flags with the Starcrafter Camping Club for her birthday weekend since she was 6 years old now twenty three years later she is still coming up here. When we got to the camp site Andromeda climbed into the motor home and I jumped into another car which we took into this little town called Solvang. We walked around with Denise’s Mom, Sister, Jacob, & Brittany on a hunt for a new Webkinz for Brittany. We also stopped at the fudge shops for free samples and the Solvang Bakery for Denise’s family’s favorite jalapeno cheese bread and cinnamon bread. For Dinner we went to The Vineyard House to celebrate Denise’s Dad’s Foster Brother’s 35th Wedding Anniversary and her Birthday. I impressed everyone by falling a sleep on Denise’s foot for the whole dinner and not begging for some. When we arrived back from dinner the group camp fire was going so Denise Andromeda and I join them for Smores (I have never seen a camp fire so I tried to catch this flying red thing but Denise would not let me.) by nine o’clock it was time to head home so we all climbing into the car for the two hour drive home.
Oceana is watching closely to what that butterfly is doing on the flower


  1. Oh we love Solvang!!! i haven't been in a few years, but I'm definitely going to try to take Camry at some point!

  2. Sounds like fun! I'm glad Denise didn't let you catch that red thing. That might not have been too fun afterwards! :) hehe!