November 06, 2007

A Great Suprise...

I got a great surprise phone call this last Saturday. Bonita called to say hi and how much a great joy Kamra is. We talked for two hours were Bonita told me some great stories about Kamra. Like Kamra when they went on their first getting to know the new neighborhood walk; where all the construction disorientated Bonita and was not sure were she was and Kamra some how knew this and turned her around and went strait home and when she went to turn into the driveway Bonita was saying Kamra this is not are house but Bonita’s husband who was standing there said yes it is, Bonita said she praised up Kamra for bringing her home. (Side note Bonita’s husband was fallowing in the car to watch them.) another story she told me is how her daughter would call Kamra into her room and invite her up on to the bed to cuddle with her, but if Bonita is in the room or walks by, Kamra jumps down or won’t even get up on the bed ‘she does know who her new mommy is!’ “Bonita’s words”! And being Kamra she has to tell everyone that she is here so one day when no one would play with her for five minutes she let out this cry like someone is killing her and the next time they saw the neighbor he asked if everything was all right with the new dog; where Bonita had to till him that that painful cry was from not taking the time to play with her.

Kamra and Bonita have three birthdays the first is April 16th when they first meet each other the second is their birthday which is on the same date and the third is July 16th three month after getting each other when they had that “click” and became that special team that you see with the older guide dog teams. They had a tough first three months learning each other and who was in charge. Bonita tripped over Kamra who was laying in the middle of the room and did not move she called GDA and they said to put a chair in the middle of the room on Kamra’s sport but being Kamra she just found a new spot in the middle of the room and Bonita was not putting chairs all over the house, but she did learn that if you place a towel, pillow, blanket anywhere and tell Kamra to go to her spot she does so now Miss I Not Soiled Kamra has a nice comfy bed in the living room as well as the bed room. Another hard ship was Kamra would not get busy on the grass at their apartment she will go anywhere else but not there “Go Figure” I taught her to go on every surface and she would just go even when she did not have to go. Any ways Kamra only wanted to go on the concrete in the car park which ends up being closer for Bonita so it was a win win situation, but from what I can tell it was a stressful time and many calls to GDA before this was figured out.

At the end of the phone call I was invited to lunch and a Big Thank You for Little Miss Independent Kamra she is a great joy and personally check for Bonita as they have the same personalizes.

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  1. How exciting!!! I'm glad they've settled in and are getting along. :) Kamra's such a smart little girl!