November 13, 2007

October 4, 2007

For the last three years Denise has gone to the Pierce College Farm’s Pumpkin Patch to get her pumpkins. This year I came with her to pick out the perfect pumpkin. We not only found the pumpkin we found some goats, sheep, miniature donkeys and ponies. I really liked the baby pony that stuck his head threw the bars to look me in the eyes then tried to play with me but Denise would not let me romp with him. Then we found this giant haystack where some kids were climbing all over it and again I tried to join in the fun but Denise being a spoil sport stopped me, we did take some photos on the haystack though. We then took a hayride around the cornfields and because we were running out of time we did not do the corn maze but I took some photos in front of the entrance with a life size tepee. Wow was it tall.

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