February 07, 2008

Feb 2, 2008

The Jewels asked us to come with them to Disneyland, so I got to show Harley and Guide Dog Walden how much fun it is here. We went to find Nemo on the subs, defend the galaxy from the Evil Emperor Zurg with Buzz Lightyear, we where pirates searching for treasure on Tom Sawyers Island Pirates Lair, was swallowed by a giant whale name Monstro but lucky this little boy name Pinocchio made him sneeze so hard he blow off his tail, flew with Peter Pan to Neverland, and a whole lot more. Tram ride to the main gatesHarley is checking the starfish and barnacles on the dock walls Group photo in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle Waiting for our group at Matterhorn Bobsleds Oh there they are! Mr White Rabbit was not home Did you ever see an elephant/Dog fly Well I seen a horse fly I seen a dragon fly I seen a house fly


  1. wow- oceana you are one LUCKY Labbie! GDB won't let the pups ride any of the rides so poor Waffle had to wait at baby switch area.

    do you still dream of flapping year ears and flying in the sky?


  2. Hi Oceana,

    I'd like to go to Disneyland sometime. My name is Stetson and I'm a GDA puppy. I was wondering what rides did you go on and what rides are okay for GDA puppies?