April 07, 2008

April 5, 2008

Denise & I went to the Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles for our friend Amy’s Bat Mitzvah it was a Disney theme Ya :)There were four different booths you can do stuff at during the appetizer hour. A photographer were you can take a portrait, Airbrush Tattooing, Airbrush a bag or sweat shirt, A hologram magnet or luggage tag were you take two different photos to make the hologram and then the Dancing heads. Denise ordered me a bag with my name on it with a puppy paw and pink hibiscus flowers, unfortunately Denise did not see that they missed spelled my name till Sunday morning oh well. Then we went over and I became the Dancing Head (see my earlier post) Denise said I did great sitting & staying on the stool while she helped me balance from behind. Then it was time for Amy’s big entrance and we found our seats at the Donald table. There was some dancing then it was time for dinner. I went up with Denise to the buffet line I did really well not pulling or begging but I really did not have to beg for some dinner as I had seen up a head a chicken breast on the floor that Denise had not seen so I bid my time till we got up to it am snatched it up but Denise felt me doing something and saw the yummy chicken in my mouth and told me to drop it which I did right a way and watched that yummy chicken be taken away on a plate by the Waite staff. Sniff sniff by yummy chicken. After Dinner there was some more dancing and then it was time for Amy’s candle lighting ceremony were Fahrenheit, his raisers, Denise and some more puppy raisers & I we helped Amy light candle #8. (I am sooo tired Denise and these glowing things are keeping me awake)

After the ceremony it was desert time and then we left for home while the party was still going strong but it was eleven o’clock, Denise & I were tired and so was our car pool so we left for home.
Fahrenheit checking out the strange alien dog in the mirror Another alien dogFahrenheit, Goofy & Oceana Fahrenheit giving Oceana some loving