April 22, 2008

One Year

I received a really special phone call last Sunday. Kamra’s partner called to say hi and let me know that she has been thinking about me as there one year together was April 18th. I can’t believe a year has gone by already since they were matched up. They are doing great and I was invited again to go out to lunch with them (I just have to find time in my calendar). She told me some funny stories about Kamra, like when she takes Kamra to the groomers they have to drag her away, but once she is in the back she prances around like a princess, But this princess can’t wait for the groomer to open the half door to walk out to her partner when it time to go homeshe takes a flying leap over the half door to get to her partner and then complains to her about being away for such a long time, so now the groomer just opens the kennel door and lets Kamra go over the door on her own. I was told so many great stories but this is the one that stuck out in my mind about how much Kamra loves “her mom” (her partner's words).


  1. How wonderful to receive such great news about "your" puppy.

    It is times like this which answer the most asked question, "how can you just give them back?"

  2. Fantastic that you keep in touch with the puppy you raised....

  3. How cool that your puppy got someone who's so much fun to talk to!! And who loves to stay in touch! I hope for as much with Blitz!

    Hey, could I get some collars from you? I've been looking at your website, and two in particular stood out. It doesn't make much sense for you to ship them when we see eachother so often, so could you just bring them to graduation or a puppy meeting?? I like the Dogs Life 001 and Dogs Life 020. I'd also like a tag-it. Blitz is about a nineteen inch neck, so either the medium or large would fit him. That'd be great if I could get them! I can pay you when I see you! Comment back with your answer...

  4. Kasey I will have them at Sat. class or Grad. see you then.