May 19, 2008

May 18, 2008 - Ride for Guides

Yesterday was GDA’s Ride for Guide motorcycle poker ride. This year I borrowed Jet a male black lab for the day, this guy is so full of energy and life so happy to say Hi to anyone (really good for this fundraiser). From what was told to us volunteers last year we only had 100 pre registrations and a close to 500 people count but this year we have 300 pre registration and from what I heard the final people count was over 600 Woohoo. The day went really well I was in charge of stop 1 at Pilot Travel Center/Wendy’s in Castaic (lots of fun) we had three graduates their families four puppy raisers with three puppies in training and one in training dog who got to come out for the day. About 15 mins after we finished setting up our first group of riders pulled in and it did not stop till 12 noon when the last two riders pulled out on there way stop 2. We pack up and were on our way back to GDA to start helping with the food, raffles, pictures, mingle, ect…
The group at stop 1 had such a great time that we are all going to email the Ride coordinator and till her that she does not need to get volunteers for stop 1 next year as we all will be back next year. After all the riders were gone at 3pm it was time to head home but I did not leave alone. I taken home Gunnar for the next three days :)

When we got home I filled the wading pool (it been over 100 all day) for Gunnar and Andromeda to play in boy were they happy to splash, dig, be sprayed with the hose for the next half hour then a quick rub down and into the nice AC house. What a cute wet Gunnar

I can't belive that I only took three photos all day where last year I had over 100 pic. (then again this year I was at one of the poker lines were the ride drew their cards and last year I was mengeling with my pup)

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