May 23, 2008

Miss "C" has a Name

I emailed GDA with a list of names:

(I know it is a lot but when I was nameing Kamra I gave them eight names and Kamra was my eighth choise.)

1. Catalina
2. Crimson
3. Charlie
4. Celesta / Celeste
5. Celtic - (Keltic)
6. Carmel

7. Cayenne / Cayan
8. Carissa
9. Cairo
10. Cameron
11. Cadence

I just got a email back and Catalina is little Miss "C" name

Now the hard part is to wait till June 6th


  1. Oh I love her name!!! Can't wait to meet her! How is miss Oceana doing at home?

  2. What a great name! Glad they picked your #1. I can't wait to see pictures of her.

    PS- Welcome home to Oceana. :-)

  3. I love her name!! Catalina, how cute :)

  4. Dear Oceana-
    welcome home! you're going to love being the forever dog, one word COOKIES. if you miss going out with your raisers just think of all the fun things you get to do now and of the COOKIES!

    rememer be nice to Catalina, she is just a rental. email if you need some advice.
    Waffle (CC'd this May)