June 09, 2008

Gunnar's 1st Disneyland trip

I had Gunnar this last Sunday and his puppy raiser had Catalina. I took Gunnar to Disneyland for is 1st trip he did great. We meet some friends to test the VF scavenger hunt for September while the test teams were out looking for things the staff (Gunnar and I included) went to breakfast at the Carnation Cafe on Main Street. Gunnar was testing me trying to get to this one little crumb under the table behind us but he finally gave up and took a nap while we ordered and waited for our food. When our food arrived it was going really well as the waiter took off Jeff's plate, my plate, but when she took off Dina's plate the rest of the plates of food, milk, coffee fell to the floor my friend Don had it in his lap and Gunnar had syrup all over him. Our food was not complmentry but Don did get a free shirt and shorts/pants up to $60.00 from Disney. Gunnar was really good during the whole time did not try for any of the food that was on the floor just continued to lay calmly and watch all the Cast Members running around trying to clean up and apologies.

We walked around the park looking for our test teams and seeing if we could find the items that Don had cropped. Gunnar checked out everything happy tail wagging. While we were walking thru Main St. Gunnar was watching the band and did not see Eeyore standing behind him (I told Eeyore that he had not seen him yet so Eeyore waited till Gunnar turned around to bend down to pet him) Gunnar turned around and when he saw him started wiggling his tail and said hi to him. At noon the teams meet us for a hour lunch break while we uploaded the photos to judge. After grading and marking off the books the teams came back at 1pm to collect their hunt books and memory cards to start on the second leg of the day. The staff then when to lunch at Rancho del Zocalo in Frontierland then when to follow the teams and see how they were doing but after an hour we were getting a little hot 84 degrees, so we when to sit up on Main Street Station platform in the shade and a really nice breeze that comes thru for about 2 hrs. till it was time to meet the test teams again for the final judging and seeing if there were any problems that need to be fixed.
Left the park around 6pm and Gunnar was still doing great for his first visit to Disneyland.

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