June 05, 2008

June 3, 2008

I have been on jury duty (Eden has been coming with me everyday) for the last three working days and thought I was going to be stuck as juror #6 on a cop shooting, so I would miss picking up Catalina. I wrote a note to the judge (who is a big supporter of GDA) asking if I could get Friday afternoon off so I can pick up my new 7 week Guide Dog Puppy (if I ended up on a case I was going to find a puppy sitter for eight days I was in court). The judge said that he would work around my schedule. Ya! Then the prosecutor asked for a off the record sidebar with the judge so off to his chambers they went. It ended up that there is a very important witness scheduled for Friday afternoon that can not rearrange his/her schedule so I was dismissed from the jury. If I did not ask for Friday off Eden & I would of been on the jury, I would of liked to been on the jury the case sounded like a very interesting I just wanted to be able to pick up my puppy with all her litter mates.

Eden was great all three days we were in the courtroom she crawled under the jury box seats and snored all day (this was making the court reporter and some jurors giggle and the persecuting attorney thought it was one of the potential jurors in the viewing gallery.

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