June 17, 2008

Open House Part Two

Today was GDA’s Open House, Denise & I left home at 7:30am so Denise can help set up the silent auction. I went over to play at grandma’s house with Suzy (mini dachshund) while Denise helped set up. Then Denise came to get me to go over to GDA where I was stolen by Bob ;) (Ella's raiser) he took me all over the place so I could be the center of attention all day (Ella is soooo mad, Bob took 56 pics of ME) then it was time for me to go thru the puppy trials I did my sits and a down, checked myself out in the mirror, tried to climb the stairs (Denise just picked me up to go up and down), walked by some weird hot dog/marshmallow plants, then Dave the trainer just picked me up and cuddled me thru the farm animals (this is were I got cuteness points), Sarah checked me out at the Vet exam & lastly we went into the GDA bus to sit for a sec and the trial was done. I did well but most of my points were for cuteness Then it was time to go home where I crashed out on Oceana’s pillow all evening till it was time to go in my create then I was up all night for Denise. Getting some cool water to drink This is not Steak Suzy Suzy Tonka and I taking a short nap before my turn thru the puppy trial Tonka & CatalinaA ice cool bandanna to keep me cool What's that! Tonka Entering the Puppy Trial Sit Wow! Who's that cute puppy in the mirror trying to clumb the stairs You want me to do what! You should see it from my piont of view Yum crushed dog treats I want that Hot Dog Can I go swimming with the little fishesNap time till it time to go to bed

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  1. Yeah, kinda got the cold shoulder from Ella, what with 56 pics of Catalina and about 6 of Ella. But it was fun to steal her from you for the day! Glad u enjoyed the pics!