September 02, 2008

August 30-31, 2008

This morning Denise loaded Oceana and me into the car for a really long drive up to Solvang where we were meeting Denise’s family who were camping at the Flying Flags RV Resort with their camping club. When we got to the campground Oceana & I wanted to chase this Gopher under the motor home but the leash would only go so far but when we came out from under the motor home I was covered in grease icky. So Denise ran to the pet store in town to buy us some shampoo and we got a nice warm bath.

Once we were dry it was time for dinner and a campfire. I like sitting at the camp fire with the group I was passed around for cuddles with everyone then one of the kids dropped a marshmallow on the floor were I dived for it but Denise was faster well maybe next time.

On Sunday morning Denise, Brittany, Oceana and I went into the town of Solvang were we walked around and shopped well Brittany & I shopped Denise & Oceana stayed out of the stores, as she is not a guide dog puppy. Denise took some photos of Oceana and me around town and wanted to take a photo of me sitting by the Little Mermaid fountain but I saw the water and bubbles and jumped into the fountain and that was the end of our time in town. Once we got back to the campground we packed up for the drive home. I had such a good time in Solvang I hope I get to go back again soon.

The Little Mermaid Fountain


  1. Oh man! I bet you were so bummed after you bought all that food and then the switch happened! Well, the Ultra Premium was super hard on Vito and he was switched over to the Natural Balance lamb and rice formula. I had just bought a huge bag of the ultra premium too!

    Catalina is getting so big. Funny thing...this past Sunday we were in Solvang too!! I just posted about it on my blog.

  2. We were in Paula's in Solvang right there on Mission. Hehe, I made us stop to take it. Everyone was laughing as I made him stick his head through the hole.