September 17, 2008

Sept. 11-14, 2008

Very long September 12, 2008
Friday morning Gunnar and I went to work and Gunnar was a perfect boy for the four hours we were there. We arrived at Disneyland at noon meet my friend Faith and checked in to our hotel room at Paradise Pier and we were upgraded to a suite I am thinking it was because of Gunnar and they did not have any standard handicap rooms available so he was able to running around two rooms and two bathrooms. (Gunnar being a goof with Goofy) (Gunnar was very nerves of Pluto last time we went but this time they were best friends)
Faith Gunnar & I meet up with my friend Adrianne and walked around Disneyland for a hour (bought Gunnar ears) till I had a 5pm VF Digital Scavenger Hunt staff meeting at the picnic area. The VF teams came at 6pm for dinner and at 8:30 a group of 14 of use went back into Disneyland till 11:30pm when Gunnar started being silly tired so we said good night to the group. When we got to the hotel room he walked right into the crate and laid down for the night. (Gunnar's new ears)
September 13, 2008
Saturday morning Gunnar woke us up at 6am but that okay we had to get up to meet everyone by 8am for the VF Digital Scavenger Hunt III, he did great in the hotel, but he did jumped into the tub and was playing with the water that was not turn off all the way, but that alright I got to wash off Friday nights dirty water puddle from when he laid in that was in the bottom of the pirate boat we were in Friday night. We meet everyone at the picnic area where the 30 VF teams were checking in and waiting to start the hunt. Everyone thought I was playing and did not know Gunnar, Adrianne and I were staff (tricked a lot of people by taking photos of the wrong stuff). Gunnar did great during the morning half (9-noon) watching the teams with us. Gunnar took a advantage of the hour break by taking a nap and was sleeping so peaceful that at the afternoon half we left him with some of the VF Staff holding down the info. table while I was out in the park watching teams to make sure they did not cheat I got him at 3pm they said that he did great slept till they moved him when they all moved with the shade then he just sat watching people walk by. At 4pm when the teams handed in their booklets for judging Gunnar went into the Disneyland kennel where kennel Cast Members now recognize him for another rest (plus he could not come over to the hotel we were using for judging. I had tried to book into it and asked about a puppy in training and got a no in training dogs) so the CMs feed him (with is food) and he took a nice cool nap till 7pm when I was finished judging the hunt and we headed back to the picnic area for the awards ceremony. After the awards we when back into Disneyland at 8pm with a group of 6 to have dinner at the Plaza Inn where Gunnar pulled to dive for something on the floor while I had a try full of food and drinks but lucky I did not drop the glass dish full of food but the drink did spill. After dinner we meet up with more people thru out the night so we had 20 people at one point. We did not stop to watch the fireworks but Gunnar had no problems with them he looked for them in the sky but other wise did not jump (we walked by a launch area during a launch and he just looked up). While the fireworks were going off we when on the Jungle Cruise and almost had a private boat but the lead CM would not let us even with the skipper begging him and saying but look I have a super cute puppy on board. They asked if Gunnar had problem with the gun and I told them to go ahead and shot (we were right next to the skipper Gunnar even used her foot and a pillow) the shots on the jungle cruse he looked up at the captain them went back to sleep even when my friend Jeff says look she even got the hippo in the tree and the skipper jumped up and down yelling you stole my joke and then offers Jeff the microphone for the rest of the trip. Everyone ended the night at 10:30 when Gunnar started to act silly tired again (I think it gave everyone reason to go to sleep). (waiting for our group in Space Mountain)

September 14, 2008
Sunday morning 6am (Gunnar is alarm clock) I took him out and feeding him, I laid back in bed to read and gave Gunnar a pressed rawhide till it was time to get up to meet everyone at 10:30am at the picnic area again this time for a historical tour of Disneyland’s historical items in the park. We toured around till noon were we stopped for lunch and then started back up at 1pm then finished at 2:30pm. Once the tour was over the group of 7 of us when over to California Adventure for the first time of the weekend but I took a tired Gunnar over to the kennel while we were over there (3pm – 9pm) the CM said he was one of the best behaved there the other well behaved pup was (the same working guide dog) who was Gunnar’s next door neighbor in July was his neighbor again. So at 9pm we when back into the park were the people were already getting ready for fire works so we when over Space Mountain then when the fireworks were going off went on the Jungle Cruise hoping for the same great skipper we had last night, but she was not working. Again my friend Jeff begged the lead CM if we could have a private boat the lead told us no so when we got up to the loading dock for the rest of the guest the lead was there and flag our skipper to keep going YA a private ride around the jungle. Instead of doing jokes the skipper did a true life adventure cruise telling us the history and teaching us about the animals we saw. I so enjoyed both skippers two great takes of the same ride. (help I am in jail)
The park closed at 10:30 Sunday night but you have about a hour before the security come to till you its time to leave so we sat in front of the castle till 11pm then it was time for us to say good by to Ezra, Gil and Jeff (the last die hards of the group) till March when the next big VF group meets.

Here is what the VF teams were looking for
What is this???

it is this


  1. oooh how fun! I LOVE Disneyland and a scavenger hung? Makes it even better! Gunnar is so cute.

  2. Looks like a very busy but fun weekend! Glad you were able to steal Gunnar for the adventure ;)

  3. I nominated your blog for an award, because I love reading about all the adventures you have with your puppies! Look at my blog for more details.

  4. As always Denise looks like another great trip, your the master of Disney and Dogs. BTW we nominated you for a blog award.

  5. Oh it looks like you had so much fun! Mind if I link you to my blog?

    Anna Marie and Rusty