October 22, 2008

October 19, 2008 - Part III

Denise promised Brittany that we would go to a pumpkin patch after graduation so she took us to Lombardi Ranch pumpkin patch to find that perfect pumpkin. We wandered threw the sunflowers of scarecrow alley to look at all the different scarecrow entries in the scarecrow contest. Then we took a ride in the hay wagon pulled by two mules named Judy and Katie. Brittany and I climbed the hay tower a few times, looked at the farm animals were Denise made me do sits and downs in front of this really cute pig, and wandered the vegetable garden. Then it was time to search for that perfect pumpkin for Brittany to carve. We looked and looked and looked at tons of pumpkins till she found that one that said here I am I been waiting for you to take me home which we did.Some Chinese crows cheering there team on at the Scarecrow Olympics Lights, Camera, Scream Would you paint my portrait miss scarecrow Fill up your scarecrow car at the local corn field Meeting some three little crow friends with their house of straw, twigs, and bricksCatalina and the cute pig Look at all the Veggies can I eat some Wow climing this hay tower is fun can I do it againGoing on a hay ride thru the corn fields and all I get to see is the bottom of the wagon oh well I'll take a nap I found it I found it can I take it home pleasssse I weigh 300 pumpkins

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