October 29, 2008

October 26, 2008

Wow I finally get to go to Disneyland Denise says we are going to take it very slow so we only stayed for 2 ½ hours while I get use to the sites, smells, noise, people, animals, & characters what ever they are. When we arrived at the resort Denise did not have us ride the tram but we walked to the entrance thru Downtown Disney were I saw this very large what Denise calls the new blue monorail but I though it was nice to look at but left really fast so we kept on walking. Once in Disneyland we walked by this car but it was not making the same noises that the cars I know make so Denise let me get close to check it out then we climbed in to take a ride down Main St. USA. Once we were at the other end the driver gave Denise an Honorary Citizen button for me to wear but Denise put it on her backpack. We wondered into Frontierland and over to a fence to watch Big Thunder Railroad cars come back to the station. I was more interested in the smell of the leather on the fence than the train coming back to the station so Denise said we would go to Big Thunder Ranch were Woody’s Roundup was and all the pumpkins, but it was not open yet so we went into Fantasyland and rode Casey Jr.’s Circus Train around Storybook Land Canal, I thought this was a great ride as I could watch all the boats floating in the canal was we sped past. When we got off Denise took me over to Princess Fantasy Fair to meet Snow White, Cinderella, and Mulan.Denise says my little tail never stopped and I wiggled all over the place, as I was so happy to meet them. I said good bye to the princess and we went back to the ranch that was open now and I had my own personal photo shoot with all the pumpkins. We were taking some photos by the petting zoo I noticed the goats and sheep and wanted to go play with them but Denise was a spoil sport and told me “leave it” so I was a good girl and left them alone, but all the while a Cast Member was watching us and saw how go I was and asked us to follow him to this little barrel were he took out a 1st time to Disneyland button and wrote the date on it and gave it to Denise who put this one on my leash. When we were done with all the pumpkins Denise told me it was time to go home and on the way out of the park we watch Mickey come out from back stage so we ended up being second in line to see him before we left I told him how much I like his park and we will be back.


  1. Someone (whose name starts with a "C" and ends with an "atalina") is growing up so fast! And is so so so beautiful!!!

  2. That looks like fun! My daddy says when I'm old enough I get to go to Disneyland too.


  3. Cute photos - sounds like a neat excursion