October 27, 2008

One Last Time

I had Gunnar for one more time before he is turned in on November 1st. I pick him up on Friday night and got a very happy excited dog ready to go for adventure and play with Andromeda, Oceana, & Catalina. Gunnar is such a smart dog he knew were he was, even though we had to park five houses down from my house and never been down the block this direction (neighbors were having a party).Gunnar and Catalina wore Oceana and Andromeda out with and they came in the house to lay by my feet where Catalina and Gunnar would run in to check on us then run out to play again. This went on till 9pm when I loaded Gunnar back into the car so we could pick up my niece and bring her home so she could spend the night and say good bye to Gunnar too. The next morning we headed out to my grandma’s at 7am to take her out to breakfast and then ran to GDA to get Catalina’s new Big Girl Jacket, Ya no more baby jacket. After we took Grandma home my niece, Gunnar and I went to Disneyland to see the Halloween Time pumpkins before they all go away and all the Christmas Holiday comes out in the parks. We get there about 11:30am and head over to Wood’s Halloween Roundup in the Big Thunder Ranch. We took tons of pictures and watched Farley the fiddler play then we saw Woody and Jesse so we went over to say Hi and Gunnar was a perfect gentleman and not a goof this time when he saw the characters. On our way to the Haunted Mansion Holiday we stopped to take more pictures with the Halloween Time Decorations.On our way over to DCA we stopped to listen to the firehouse band on Main St. all the while looking for Mickey but we found some of the royal (Belle, Aroura, & Cinderella).Over in DCA we did not find Mickey but we did find Minnie so Gunnar had his picture taken with her. We walked over to the bay area to have lunch then over to Toy Story Midway Mania before we left for home at 5pm but in that time we took more picture :) My niece and I took Gunnar home about 7pm and gave him one last hug and told him to do well in collage and we well see him when he Graduates

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