October 16, 2008

September 11 - 15, 2008

While Denise took Gunnar to Disneyland, I went to stay with Peri, Tori and Sandy (their mom). We had sooooo much fun! It didn't take me long to remember that I was here before - I think Peri and Tori remembered me too! When I arrived it was about 8:30pm on Thursday night, but before we went to bed, we had time to run up and down the stairs and play!On Friday, Sandy took me on errands with her, first we stopped at the recycling center to drop of plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Then we went to Ralph's Grocery store this time I got to walk in the store and didn't have to sit in the shopping cart! I guess I am growing up! I met lots of people who know Tori and Peri. Everyone was happy to see me!At Night, we went to the Monrovia Street Fair. What fun I saw all these new things called horses, pigs, chickens, goats, and cows! I was very curious, but not afraid. They sure don't look like anything I have seen! While we were walking around, we meet a man called Larry and his guide dog, Doshee. Larry is a graduate from Guide Dogs of America Sandy told me that when I am older, I would go to GDA College to learn how to be a guide dog. It looks like a very important job! While we were having dinner, this large bird at the table behind us was drinking beer! I guess I am to young to have beer!
On Saturday, we stopped at Baja Fresh for lunch and then went to a Sierra Club meeting. I saw some funny looking cats behind some glass for a minute, I was really excited, but then I realized they did not move. I also got to see some snakes they seemed to be more interested in me than I was in them. They don't look like they play!

On Sunday, we just kicked back and rested. (Tori came to hang out with me in my hotel room)Peri and Tori let me sunbathe with them and then when I was exploring the yard, I found the fountain! For a minute, I thought about jumping in! On Monday, I went to work with Katrina. She works at JPL it's a pretty neat place with lots of people and places to walk. I behaved so well that Katrina said I could come back sometime. Denise came to get me at lunchtime it was time to go home. it wad good to see Denise, but I think I might miss my friends, Peri and Tori but then again Andromeda and Oceana are waiting for me at home.

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