January 06, 2009

December 28, 2008

About 10am this morning we left the motor home to get in the car again but thankfully it was only for 15 minutes it took to get to this place called Sea World, I am not very sure what it is but is sure does smell good. When we enter Annual pass gate there was all this grass that I tried to trick Denise into thinking I had to busy but all I wanted to do was roll around on it and run, but Denise would not let me. So after I was being a silly puppy (that is what Denise calls me) We went over to Shamu stadium to see some fish that Denise calls Orcas. So we sit down and I get all comfortable in a little ball to nap and the next thing I know out of the water jumps this HUGE fish. After the show we stayed in our seats waiting for the crowds to clear when the fishes trainers let two of them back into the front to swim. the next thing I know all these birds come flying down to the water to watch the baby fish who was spiting up one fish at time to throw around and tease the birds with. We stayed and watched for 20 minutes after all the people left to race to another show (I guess that is what Sea World is fish shows). When the security finally kicked us out of the stadium we when over to Dolphin Stadium to watch more fish I just took a nice 20 minute nap. When I woke up we when over to the Clyde and Seamore show they were on a grey submarine (I have been on a yellow submarine).I so liked watching these barking fish waddle around the stage and the little girl to the left of me who was eating popcorn but would not give me any but I did give her a kiss but still no popcorn. Some of the other things we did was go see the bat rays, the barking fish, polar bear,turtles, big white fish (beluga whales), penguin,manatee, more fish, more fish and more fish. At 3:30 Denise and her Mom decide it time to go so off the car we go for the trip back to the motor home where Dad is hanging out of the day.


  1. I don't know if I could have helped myself from trying to catch that big fish.


    PS Mom loves your pictures.

  2. What a great day at Sea World, we used to have one here in Ohio but it is gone now :(