January 29, 2009

January 25, 2009

Today we celebrated Kingston and Kutter's turn in at Disneyland. Dash, Tanner, Harpor, Harriet, Walden, and I with our people came along to send them off to college with one last big outing. Denise and I meet everyone at after Denise's Dad's Birthday Breakfast. L to R Catalina Tanner, Kingston & Working Dog Walden
So we found half the group on Tom Sawyer Island while the other half was having a eleven o'clock lunch at the French Market. the group of 16 people and 8 dogs meet up at New Orleans Square train station where we took the train to Tomorrowland. Once we were in Tomorrowland we headed to Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage where they gave our group our own private sub. Catalina and Dash looking at the camera our private sub Catalina looking cuteAfter Nemo we split up again to get busy some of us when on Autopia then the rest of the group came 8 minutes later to ride the cars at this time Denise and Melanie swapped Harpor and I so I got away with climbing back on the seat and not staying on the floorboards.Harpor checking out Denise's Camera Harpor looking really comfy on Denise ArmAs we are celebrating Kingston and Kutter's turn in Denise got reservations at the Blue Bayou but some of the group decided not to come so six of us puppies squeezed under the table of eight for our naps. when we got up to leave Denise says the best complements we get is that other dinners did not even know there were six puppies under the table. Terry and Ray Melanie and Becky Kutter Harriet, Harpor, Dash, Kingston, and Catalina Jeff, Melissa and Kingston Becky and Kutter
At 7pm it was decided it was time to go home as most of our raisers had to go to work the next day. But Kingston and I and our people stayed a little bit longer to go ride Dumbo the Flying Elephant and Mr Toad's Wild Ride. Catalina and Kingston
Denise drove Kingston and raisers home so I got to cuddle with him all the way home Denise's says I am a flirt but this is going to be the last time I see him as he is going to college on February 7th. Catalina & Kingston

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