March 06, 2009

Template Challange

Template Challange March 5, 2009
I used Ellie's Boo!


  1. So cute! Perfect for little CATalina!

  2. Very Cute! :D Digital Scrapbooking is so much fun!! :D

  3. What a GREAT page, I love the graphics. So this is a template? A scrapbooking page? As an artist I think it's great whatever it is. By the way the photos are fun. My dog would never let me put anything on his face. Ha ha.

    I had to stop by to say hi and introduce myself. I have been working with GDA for the past 5 weeks with a documentary I just finished!!! And since you love those pups I had to tell you more.

    I am just amazed on how incredible all the people are that I have met associated with GDA. Oh by the way the documentary short film is about PUPPY RAISING!!! Puppy raising is like a really big family, and the dogs are amazing. They are like children!!!

    I am not sure if you heard about the film I made? It's called GUIDED, A TAIL OF LOVE and it features Bob and Pam English who now run the monthly puppy raiser meetings in Sylmar. They are just fantastic. And I would love to make this a longer piece soon.

    I entered it in a film festival competition for the 168 FILM PROJECT. The festival is on April 3, 4, 2009 in Glendale. I would love for you to come and support GDA at the Festival! Bring your "breeder". :)

    Check out my website for more details and congrats on the breeding! When is the next litter due? I would love to film it.

    Frank Lozano
    Director of "Guided"