May 05, 2009

April 8 - 19, 2009

Polo 20 week puppy came to stay with me for ten days and what a busy ten days. Wednesday Catalina came home from her three week stay at "La Spa" GDA and on Thursday night at obedience class she went home with another puppy raiser while I had Polo ( I just could not handle four dogs in the house for ten days). Friday afternoon Polo was dropped off for her stay, she was excited to be in a new place but once she meet the girl and they ran off to play for the rest of the evening till bedtime.Andromeda & Polo
Saturday morning I loaded Polo and my 2 year old nephew into the car to go to the car wash and then the duck park. She did great laid down next to me at the car wash and watched Jacob jump/run around from one crack in the concrete to another, and at the duck pond she pulled to get to the duck but she did great while Jacob played in the playground, she sat next to me while I pushed Jacob on the swings till it was time to go. Once we got home I let the girls play the rest of the afternoon and after his nap Jacob joined the fun. Sunday was Easter so Polo came to the family gathering at my Grandparents house. She played with the cousins before brunch and during the meal flopped under the table for a nap till it was time for the egg hunt. During the week she came with me to the office then after work we went to obedience class on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday. Friday afternoon my mom saw that Thomas the Train was going to be in Fillmore and that we should bring train crazy Jacob there for a ride on Thomas so Miss Polo came along.
Meeting Thomas the Train Meeting Sir Topin Hatt Sunday

Morning I meet the family who had Catalina at a Classic Car Show to get my girl and brought her home to the other three and pulled out the wading pools for them to splash in till Polo's family came to get her later in the afternoon.