April 03, 2009

March 11 -13, 2009

Catalina was driving me crazy so Melanie took her for a day so she could take her on a couple loooong walks each day. We meet at the Macaroni Grill for dinner then Catalina when home with Melanie. Here is some photos from her stay.Taking a rest at the Macaroni Grill Okay, the box of toys is sitting on the treadmill on the left... Seems she really likes the deer antlers, but only to pull out of the box and sniff and taste, then on to the next one... This occurred in about an hour after she got here. LOL Love it. She's wonderful.Mid WalkOkay, I'm convinced that you taught her how to do the head tilt Thought the sign was pretty funny... Instead of "poop", they call it"nuisance" She actually did lay down on the cool kitchen floor for two minutes... She is MUCH calmer, not so spazzy and seems ready to relax

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