June 19, 2009

June 13, 209

Today was the Guide Dogs of America's Open House and Puppy Trials. Denise & I arrived at GDA at 8am so Denise could help set up so I was attached to a tie down out of the way but could watch all the activity going on. Escort
Once everything was set up it was 10:30 and time to open the gates and I headed over to the kissing booth for my turn at giving everyone kisses. When my 20 minute shift was over my number was called to go threw the puppy trial course. Even working guide Escort paid to have kisses from Catalina
Denise says I did very well and at the end of all the puppies having their turn at the course Dutch and I were asked to do a run off for our age group. "let's go" it's our turnSit Last year last year's down stay up and down the stairs last year food distraction last yearanimal distraction
So when the metals at the end of the day I came in Second Place for my age group. There sure were a lot of people, puppies and guides making it a great day.
Westin My Buddy Bob is playing with me while Kricket, Ella, & Sammie are all in his lap Harpor and Catalina Nigel is a "Ruff" - eree WinterSammie and Catalina are done with our Pictures being taken


  1. Second place. Nice Job Catalina! Those stairs looked pretty daunting for you last year. I'm sure it was a lot easier to go down the stairs this year.

  2. Hahaha Love that last shot! Andi (from GDA admissions) told me there were almost 3 times as many attendees this year than in the past. It looks like you guys had a great time!

  3. YAY - great job! Sounds like a neat day!