July 15, 2009

June 27, 2009

Today Denise & I went to the Irvin Spectrum for the OC GDA Group's Great Puppy Race. Once everyone arrived we were divided into two teams "Wiggle" & "Wag", I was on team "Wag" with Sidney, Palmer, Abby, & Friday.
Clue #7:
Anchors Away!
Find a Mannequin quick for a pup pic.
Look for hair "gold, wavy, and stiff."
Clue #8:
Head to the Bull's Eye being as good as you should.
Then under the sign that says "treat" and "fetch"
Good "leave its" you must catch.
Clue #2:
Find this Fountain and don't Delay to get a perfect "down" and "stay".
Your Photo must convey how well the pups obey.
Clue #9:
Head toward a place of books where you will get lots of looks.
Take a ride up and on your way back pose with a famous bad pup.
Clue #6:
The nose knows where it goes to eat a doggie treat. Greet for a treat after you meet the nice people at the counter. For the photo op, all pups in front of the shop.
Extra Points Clue #2:
take a picture of your pups by a golden relieving spot.
Clue #5:
Find this spot that kids like a lot.
Send in a lab to pick something fab. For the picture enjoy, but do not destroy the favorite toy.
Tammy reading us a story

At the end of the day our raisers took us to Champps were we all napped under the table while they had lunch then split two slices of ice cream cake.


  1. What a cool outing! And we think it's pretty neat that there's another guide dog puppy named Friday. :)

    Sam and Friday

  2. That sounds like a great puppy meeting! Great pictures!

  3. That looked like a very challenging day, great job Denise and Catalina!

  4. Fenix cant wait until she can do some fun stuff like that with Fern!

  5. Great pics! Sidney and I had a great time on the scavenger hunt at the irvine spectrum.