August 26, 2009

August 1, 2009

Late Friday afternoon Denise was invited to join some family who were going to the Hollywood Bowl Saturday night for Guys and Dolls, they had two extra tickets so they asked if Denise had a friend who'd like to go. So Denise call Sandy & Sammie to see if they like to go.Denise and I took the 5:15pm Park and Ride bus from the San Fernando Valley and Sandy and Sammie took 5:30pm from San Gabriel Valley and we meet each other at the Bowl about 6:15 to meet the family who are having a picnic down the hill at a park. About 7:15 we walked back up the hill to go find our seats for the evening. Denise says that the show was great but Sammie and I would not now we slept threw the show till about 5 minutes before the end when we left so we could beat the crowd down to our buses. Denise says that she is going to take me again in Sept for the John Williams and the LA Phil concert.


  1. Are you going to the Bowl on Saturday night for John Williams? I'll be there with my husband and some friends...maybe we'll see you!

  2. No we are going Friday night. Saturday we are in Solvang