August 28, 2009

August 15, 2009

Catalina: Today was another fun day. It started with Denise, Fern & I going to out local railroad station were we meet Sandy, Robin, & Sammie (PIT) so I could go with them on the Metro Link to the Ventura County Fair were I am help with the GDA booth there. Denise and Fern stayed home because Fern is still to little to go out to fun places like the fair. We're Here! Can we go in now Catalina & Sammie GDA Booth at the Ventura Fair Catalina & DixieCatalina was not impress with the snake Pax, Sammie, Dash, Dixie, & Catalina
Fern: After droping of Catalina with Sandy and her gang we when back home were I was able to run around yard while Denise cleaned it up by sweeping (lots of fun chasing the broom) or hosing down. After the yard was all clean she brough out some tables so she can layout some blanket that she is sewing on them. I layed down on the porch and watched her the next thing I know it time to pick up Catalina from the train station but Denise left me at home in the Ex Pen for the quick trip up to the train station. Sleeping to the hummm of the sewing machine Catalina getting off the special metro link from the Ventura FairAll home and waiting for DINNER!!!

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  1. Hi Fern!

    My Ira can understand your passion for broom chasing, she thinks it was the best toy invented for dogs! :))

    I love the last pic :))