August 29, 2009

August 22, 2009 part I

This morning Denise says that I am going to my first puppy class and Catalina is going to camp GDA for a couple hours. But we were running late so we just made it to class and Denise asked Mr English if he would take wild Catalina to the kennel for camp. On his way to the kennel Mr English was asked by one of the instructors who he had and then was told to give Catalina to a new puppy raiser and join the 4-6 month class. Over were Denise and I were having class our raisers talked to the instructor for about 10 mins before we when over to the ramp and stairs to play on or getting treats for going into the crate. After our time at the ramp we swapped groups so we can learn sit, down and to heel. When class was over I was able to play with my sisters Finex and Finley while Denise ran to take Catalina to camp for a few hours while we tested the Sylmar Sept. Meeting.

Learning to Down:Heeling:Hi can I come and sit in your lap
Finex and I got you Finley run away run away Fern and Westin Bob with Finex and Fern