August 13, 2009

August 7, 2009

Well today is the big day I get to meet my new puppy raiser. The ladies here in the nursery tell us that our raisers are in the graduation area for puppy orientation and will be down here soon to take us to our new homes.
Then it was time to meet my raiser Yvonne walked me over to to this lady and says Denise here is Fern and hands me over to be snuggled.

Waiting for Fern to come out of the puppy nurseryHello Fern Denise put this red thing around my neck and it had a really long red thing attached to it. I do not like it much but when I looked around at my siblings they all had one on so I guess it is okay. I will just have to wait till no one is looking to scratch it off.

Fern, Fletcher, Fenix, Fia, Finley, Fergie, & FarahFern & Fenix

After a group picture we when up the hill to the shady grass area to "get busy", but we were more interested in playing with each other and our new puppy raisers but I was a good girl and got busy for Denise.Fern, Fenix, Finley, & FletcherBefore we all left GDA we took one more picture with our puppy raisers in front of the school then it was time to get into our raisers cars and head to our new homes all over Southern California.Having my sponsor photo taken

Once we arrived home I was put in the ex pen with my lunch and lots of toys. Catalina Oceana & Andromeda wanted my lunch but I ate it all up so not leftovers for them. Catalina & FernCatalina and Oceana want to come in and play with me
Denise tells me when I wake up from my nap Catalina & I are going over to Grandma A's house for a little celebration for Josh who just was released from the hospital after five months.
Monica is helping me meet Josh Catalina & FernJacob loves his new Baby Fern It's been a big day so bye for now


  1. Congratulations! You're too cute Fern. I hope you're not keeping Denise awake late at night.

  2. Thanks for the story of pick up day. Fern looks so alert and interested in life.

  3. Hey Fern!
    I got a new home,too! Cant wait to tell you all about it at our first puppy class! Im having so much fun