October 21, 2009

August 30, 2009

Today the Ventura GDA Group had there annual dinner under the trees at Boccali's restaurant in Ojai. This I my first trip to Boccali's but Denise & Catalina went last year and Catalina was telling me about all the grass I can rip up if Denise and other puppy raisers don't see you. We picked up Mary Lou, John & Lyndi for their first visit also. Catalina and Lyndi hoped in the back crate for the drive but I got to sit with Auntie Mary Lou while Denise drove us on this road that has all these twist and turns till we indeed up at Boccali's!Visiting while waiting of our puppy raiser's meals to arriveDinner Time I am learning good table manors from Sam playing with Moby still playing with Moby Nap time SHHH while my sister Finley is sleeping I get to play with her toy Denise Catalina and FernTeddy waiting for everyone to get ready for the group picture Catalina (L), Dixie (R), & Fern

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