October 23, 2009

September 2, 2009


It’s been discovered after a hot summer weekend that the food bin at GDA is empty! (That’ll get all those “lab” folk nosing around to solve this mystery.) Fortunately at no time have the dogs been in danger of starving (Ok, for a while they thought they were) as more food was brought into the kennel but the mystery still remains and the crime unsolved.

You’ve been invited as private eyes, along with your trusty canine detective to sniff out the scoundrel and accomplice that took the food. But when did this happen?

With your team of investigators, and using the evidence packets provided, review the facts about the case and track down the missing information:

Who did it?

With whom did they do it?

When did it happen?

The Suspects (GDA Bonus Class) -
Mr. Sheriff Woody – issued guide Bullseye
Mr. Buzz Lightyear – issued guide Infinity (and beyond)
Ms. Snow White – issued Prince (Charming)
Mr. Mad Hatter – issued guide March (Hare)
Ms. Cruella DeVil – issued guide Pongo
Mr.T(oy). M(aker). Gepetto – issued guide Pinocchio (the long noise Labrador)

This months meeting was a mystery meeting. For the last two months I have been helping our group leader plan this meeting. There were three puzzle clues where you learned Who, When, and With then there were three obedience clues where you had to sit or down stay with toy distractions with Mr. Gepetto, table manners with Mr. Hatter, and Come with Ms. Cruella. Each clue was worth point but the obedience clues where worth more point than the puzzles. Our other three students walked around and where a distraction. Catalina and Fern where to come to the meeting and be handed out to people who did not have dogs while I helped with the meeting but they decided to get a puppy cold and could not come. Even with out them the evening was a fun and successful meeting.Teams are all set and waiting to go Mr. Sheriff Woody and little FletcherSome of the raisers came prepared for the meetingMr Gepetto and his distraction toysA team trying to figure out a clueMr. Lightyear hanging out by one of the clue pieces The winning team (pups Vonnie, Todd, & Gunnar) with Mr. Sheriff Woody and Mr. Buzz Lightyear


  1. That looks like it was a lot of fun and a lot of planning. We did Halloween competition with our dogs this month, but the humans generally don't get dressed up. Maybe next year.

  2. Looks like it was a fun meeting. You guys are very creative.