November 10, 2009

October 11, 2009

This morning Denise piled us up in the car and we when for a ride out to Ventura Harbor for the Pony's by the Sea Mustang Car Show benefiting GDA. We only stayed for a few hours as I had a big day yesterday. CatalinaFern and the Thunderbirda sleepy FernFern Catalina Fern playing with JackFern Hayley you make a really good pillow (Darcy and Catalina)Fern
Fern Catalina and ChuckCatalina


  1. The dogs look great with all those brightly colored cars.

    And is that a Chocolate Lab I see playing with Fern?! Don't tell Willow and Stella, but Chocolate is my favorite Lab color. I've been told they're pretty rare as guide dogs though.

  2. Chocolate is my favorite Lab color also.

    I had the privilege to raise a Chocolate for GDA but Oceana was CC for medical so she is now my forever pup.