November 11, 2009

October 21, 2009

Moby the TurtleNegent the rock star
Wow I finally get to go to my first Ventura GDA Puppy Raiser Meeting last month I was sick so we could not go but this month is the Halloween meeting and I came as a Purple Jelly Fish with my little clown fish jumping on my dome (Denise says if you seen Finding Nemo you will understand but she could not find pink fabric for my costume so I ended up purple). Catalina came as the Churro again Denise ran out of time to make Catalina's matching Jelly Fish. Catalina finishing the comeheel and a treatCome and a treat
Tonight Denise gave me and Catalina to some new puppy raisers who are still waiting for their puppies. Our meeting was a trick or treating threw the mall but we had to do a formal come, sit nice of greetings, down stay, leave it, or sit stay to earn our treats I earned 5 treats Catalina only earned 2 she was taking advantage of the new puppy raisers inexperience and she also ate the bone at the leave it station "I did not touch it". So when we all came back to the meeting room I was one of three who earned 5 bones and received a prize of a new toy.Fern being a good girl for new puppy raisersCatalina and Calle Harriet the octomom
Colby the squirrelFern the Jelly Fish and Echo the Rainbow TroutFinley the SharkTHE FISH
L to R Finley, Fern, and EchoCatalina waiting to go home

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