January 11, 2010

December 25, 2009

Today is Christmas and Denise will not let me open my present under the tree till later tonight when the rest of the family comes for Christmas Dinner. So we head over to Grandma A’s for Christmas Breakfast were Denise’s Cousin brought his dog Sadie from Colorado and her Aunt brought Andromeda’s Dad Orion to play. When it was time to eat I had to put my jacket back on and take a nap under the table but afterwards I was allowed to play again till it was time to come inside to open the first set of presents of the day. Denise and I sat in the corner watching till it was all done then Jacob and I when to play with Grandpa A’s LGB train till it was time to go home and pick up Grandma B and her puppy Lucy Lu. It’s time to open my present right??? But Denise says no not yet. So under the dinner table I go for another nap while Andromeda, Oceana, and Lucy Lu sleep on the blanket. So dinner’s over and the guys turn on the football and now it’s time for presents but Jacob gets to go first so not fair I am the youngest here. I wait patiently for my turn and when it is finally my turn I find out I that Grandma B and Lucy Lu gave me a bone and a rope ball Yes I received what I asked for. What a great day!Fern, Sadie (mutt), Orion (black lab) and JacobFernFen and Jacob Fern Jacob and Fern Watching Grandpa's LGB train Oceana and Fern Jacob and Fern Is it my turn yet to open presents I am not a gift get this bow off my head Jacob.

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