January 12, 2010

January 3, 2010

Denise tells me we are going to go see the Rose Parade Floats today so she packs water and my bowl and her camera in her purse then we came into the car for the ride over. When we arrive I smell my sister but I can’t find her so I walk along with Denise while she is on the phone locating Fenix and her raisers who just got on the bus so Denise buys her ticket really fast and we rush over to the buses but we just missed Fenix’s bus so we climb onto the next bus so we are off to the floats when we get off the bus I see Fenix right away and we head into the viewing area. Wow these floats are bigger than what they look like on TV. Denise takes my picture in front of a bunch of them while we walk around. Fenix and I were getting tired and it was getting more crowded so we head to the exit and over to the bus to our cars were Fenix and I jumped into Denise’s car for some more water and nap while we head over to the restaurant for lunch before heading home..

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