March 22, 2010

February 3, 2010

Tonight was another puppy meeting at GDA, Denise learned about some first aid for dogs. How to take my pulse in two different areas she says she had a lot easier time finding it on my back legs. Then our group leaders showed us how to restrain an injured dog and how to put on an emergency muzzle. I really did not care for the muzzle lesson as I became the dummy for Denise to try it on. Later she tells me that while I was sleeping with little Madison they learned how to do CPR on dogs and how to clear a choking dogs air way.Fern Echo is humiliated by the muzzleThis little "M" baby is going to eat the muzzle and not let her raisers try it on her Fern and Madison

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  1. You hope you never need to use those skills, but better to know then not be ready. love the picture of Echo!