March 15, 2010

January 6, 2010

Denise told me that we are going on another adventure today so I climbed into the car and was ready to go. We took the 5 freeway south so, I thought we were going to Disneyland. But, Denise said we weren't going so laid down again until we finally arrived at our destination. When I jumped out of the car, I smelled something very familiar... it was my sister Fenix, and her raisers. Once we found them at the steps of the building, Denise told me we are going in to the Nixon Library to see the model trains.I like to watch the trains with my buddy, Jacob, but my sister is the next best thing. There was also a really neat exhibit of the Apollo Space missions and Nixon's life. I even got to put my noise on a real astronaut suit, Sit with Winston Churchill, and walk through the hundred year old catalogue house that Nixon grew up in (and it not that much bigger than Denise's camping trailer). After the library, our group went to Mimi's cafe for lunch before heading back home.Fenix and Fern in the garden of Nixon Library. Fern was not very impressed with the garden. Fern and Air Force One Helicopter.Fern

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