May 12, 2010

April 24, 2010

After the GDA Obedience class today Finley and I went with our raisers to the Poppy Festival in Lancaster. We took a tram over to the festival were we walked around the craft booths to shop and down the aviation row we stopped at the NASA booth were we checked out the astronaut life support suit. After exploring the festival we headed over to the Poppy Reserve to check out the fields and fields of poppies. The winds were blowing and keep my ears flying while Finley took the opportunity to smell the poppies.Finley (background) and Fern (foreground) taking in the art at the Poppy Festival Can I Fly this? Shopping is not that fun when you don't get anything L to R - Finley Smelling the Poppies and Happy Fern L to R - Fern and Finley Fern

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