October 18, 2010

June 12, 2010

Today was the GDA Annual Open House and Puppy Trials. Denise and I arrived earlier to help set up. While Denise worked, I played with Kayla and Allison. Once the gates were open, Denise and I walked the Puppy Trial obstacle course which included obedience, walking towards a mirror, stairs, walking on weird surfaces like bubble wrap, sitting by a table like at a restaurant, walking by these strange hot dog plants, bubbles, balloons waving in the breeze, as well as llamas, lambs, goats, ducks and other farm yard animals. Then, I had climb on the vet table where Sarah, the vet tech, checked my ears. Finally, I climbed on the GDA bus and sat quietly while we pretended to go for a ride.
Later in the day, Denise left me with Paul and Chris (3 yrs old) and we went into the dorm to have a nap. They slept in the bed while I curled up under the bedside table. At the end of the day when all the ribbons were announced Denise and I won second place in our age division.
Baby Boy "C" Yummy Rice Crispy puppies at the bake saleFenix and BobHanging out at the cotton candy booth
Wow look what we won second place for our age group

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