December 22, 2010

June 23, 2010

Fern and Digby
Denise and I helped out at another Children’s Workshop.  This time was at a Boy Scout Day Camp. The boys were earning their disability badge. Denise and I were at the vision station and had a special treat of having Mr. Paul and Guide Dog Rawhide work our station. Mr. Paul showed the kids all his neat toys to help him find the correct color for his clothes or read bar codes for when he goes grocery shopping and more.  After Mr. Paul’s presentation, Denise had the kids try on different glasses to show what it was like not to see.  Then, she had them blindfolded and try to put together puzzles, tie shoes, string shapes on to ribbons.
Vision Station were the boys where blind folded and had to put puzzles together, string beads, count out play money from a wallet, and tie a shoe

Mr Paul and Rawhide show all his cool toys from color reader, bar code scaner and his talking watch

Glass with Mr Paul's blindness

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