March 20, 2011

September 18, 2010

Today is the “WHO DUN IT” fundraiser that Denise and Pam, the Sylmar Group Leader, have been planning for the last several months. My sister Gracy & I were put into a large x-pen while Denise and the English family got everything ready for the WHO DUN IT game. Finally, it was time to play “WHO DUN IT!” Bob, the puppy thief, took me to be on his team until I started to fall asleep. Then he put me back into the x-pen for a nap. While I slept, the teams continued playing figuring out the puzzles and going to the evidence stations and had a lot of fun! I think I should have stayed awake!
Iron Chief Bob is rescuing Gracy from Miss DeVil
Obedience Station


A Sudoku clue

The Winners

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