March 14, 2011

September 3, 2010

Today was the big day! My siblings and I traveled to Guide Dogs of America in Sylmar to meet my new puppy raiser "what ever that is". Once we arrived the puppy department ladies tell us our puppy raisers are arriving in the film room for puppy orientation and will come soon to take us to our new homes. When it was time to meet our puppy raisers, I was carried out to the kennel lobby where Louise said “Denise, here is Gentry.” (Who is Gentry?) A lady walked up and I was handed to Denise who snuggled me in her arms. Denise put this red thing around my neck and it had a really long red thing attached to it. I didn’t like it very much but when I looked around at my siblings, they were all wearing one so I guess it was okay. I will just wait until no one is looking to scratch it off. Sarah, the vet tech, came outside and snuggled me in her arms before we went up the hill to the grass area to "get busy." But, I was more interested in playing with my brothers and sisters and our new puppy raisers. Before we left GDA, we took a family photo and a photo with our puppy raisers in front of the school. Then it was time to get into our raisers cars and head to our new homes all over Southern California. Once we arrived home, my new “big sister,” Oceana, was right there at the car door ready to welcome me to my home for the next year and a half.

Meeting Gentry for the first time

Gracie, Gidget, Gillie, Gunnar, Grady, Gasby, and Gentry

Bob has stollen Gentry already!
Gentry and Grady

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