April 11, 2012

Gentry's Graduating

I know I not posted here in a long while but I had to tell you GENTRY is Graduating!

August 18, 2011

Turn In date and New Puppy

I know I have not updated here in a while and can you believe in 6 short weeks (October 29th) Gentry will be going in for training. Not only is turn in so close but I'll be picking up my new Yellow Female September 2nd she is from the "V" litter so any names will be a help.

here are some of my favorites so far

Violet or Vi

March 28, 2011

October 5, 2010

My brother, Grady, has been came over to play once a week because he is too little to go to work with his raiser. We played and played until we fell asleep. After our nap, we played some more until it was time for Grady to go home. What a great time we have!

March 27, 2011

October 2, 2010

I'm still to young to go help with GDA booth and events so Denise has been renting GDA puppies for them and today she has Harley a female black lab to help out at Knollwood Country club. The GDA Foundation was having a fund raiser 18th hole game. For five dollars if the golfer gets his ball with in the white circle the golfer would win a pouch and three new golf balls and if they made a hole in one the player would win the bag, balls, and 20% discount in the pro shop of the country club.

March 26, 2011

October 1, 2010

I love to play with my Keys! I shake them all about before I settle down to chew then a nap.
Shake, Shake, Shake

Chew, Chew, Chew

Shake, Shake, Shake

March 25, 2011

September 23, 2010

I have a new toy!
It's my water bowl!

March 24, 2011

September 20-21, 2010

My brother Grady came over to have a slumber party while his raiser goes to work really early tomorrow morning. We shared my crate but like all great slumber parties we did not go to sleep right away we had to play first. In the morning Denise put us out in the X-Pen to play till Grady's raiser came to pick him up.


Yes we "Get Busy" together

March 23, 2011

September 19, 2010

This afternoon Denise and family brought Oceana and I to Grandma A house to visit and dinner. While we waited for dinner later in the evening Jacob, Brittany, Catalina and Oceana went swimming it looked like fun so I jumped in after them but before Denise could panic and try to rescue me, I figured out that the floor disappeared and turned around and jumped back out, I'll try again when I get bigger. Grandma asked Denise to give Catalina a bath after her swim. So all of us ended up getting a bath. Now we are all tired and curl up for a nap all threw dinner.
Getting my Catalina and Oceana pillows just right
What comfortable pillows