March 14, 2007

November 1, 2006

I went to my first GDA puppy meeting. It was the Halloween meeting so everyone was dressed up in costumes. I was Paddington Bear with my yellow raincoat aka my GDA bib and my cute yellow hat.

I did not win the costume contest but that night I won a lot of people’s hearts. I was passed around like the stuffed teddy bear I pretended to be. At one point Denise did not even know where I was, J But she found me and I went home a very tired puppy. Next year maybe I should be Blue from Blue’s Clues????


  1. Yay!!! You finally made a blog!!! :) May I link you? Oh, and how much are the bus tickets, just in case I decide to do that?

  2. ANOTHER CHOCOLATE! We are in love already.:D

    Looking forward to following your blog,
    Sam, Patience (the resident choco), and Juneau

  3. Yes Joanna you can.

    $3.00 all day ticket it works for the orange, red & gold (train we're taking) and you may need $1.75 in quarters for transfers. A lot easier than trying to find parking. :)